Docs (Basic): Search for Files & Folders

There are a few ways to search for a document or a folder: from the sidebar menu, the Documents page or a client’s account. 

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Search All Documents 

You can do a global search of all documents at the top of the left sidebar menu or by going to the Documents page. 

To search from the sidebar menu, click the green search icon on the top left. Go to the Documents tab to review all files. 

On the Documents page, check the Recent tab (documents that have undergone an action in the last 30 days) or search by client account. 

To search in the Recent tab, start typing the name of the document in the search field on the top right, then press enter on your keyboard.

To search for documents and folders by client account:  

  1. On the Documents page, open the Docs tab.
  2. Start typing the name of the client in the top left search field or select a client from the list.   
  3. Start typing the document or folder name in the search field on the top right. 
  4. If you now select another client, you’ll instantly see the search results for them as well.

Click the in the search field to clear it.

Search From a Client Account

To search from an account’s Docs tab, start typing the name of the document or folder in the search field on the top right, then press enter on your keyboard. 

Click the x in the Search field to clear it.  

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